Monifa’s thoughtful and strategic coaching has helped me consistently grow my business! Thank you Monifa!
~ Jessica N.
North Bend, WA
Conference Principal
We were delighted to have Monifa Robinson present at our executive retreat. She was able to get to the core of our stumbling blocks and hindrances of our organization’s cohesiveness and growth… We had fun while Monifa helped us reach our goals.
~ Vernell M.
Atlanta, GA
Former Chair Atlanta Commission on Women
Former Atlanta City Councilwoman, District 12
Ms. Monifa has a very positive attitude and a great outlook on life. I appreciate her truth and pureness as she interacts with others.
~Zoe Z.
Savannah, GA
Within Your Reach transformed my life through Eagle Vision coaching. Monifa’s expertise at identifying what’s important, staying focused and challenging yourself to soar higher is a message that can benefit anyone professionally and personally. In working with Within Your Reach I have been able to create a great home life, start my own business and win professional recognition in my career path. Your goals are within your reach if you apply the skills, training and thought patterns Within Your Reach has to offer.
~ Mia A.
Savannah, GA
Alpha Media Savannah- Hilton Head
Y100 Assistant Program Director/ Music Director/ On Air Personality
Within Your Reach helped us to focus our strategic initiatives, clarify our brand in a competitive marketplace, and ensure that our actions are aligned with our stated mission and vision. They helped us to understand that our previous approach of – ‘if it makes money we should try it’ – was a path to destruction. We are now crafting our niche’, our voice, and services tailored to a specific marketplace. Our company has seen exponential growth that has translated into several cost saving measures and has reduced our debt significantly.
We can’t imagine not using Within Your Reach services. The organizational trainings were helpful. However, it was the one-on-one executive coaching that ensured that our leadership steered the ship to allow others to shine.
Thank you, Within Your Reach and Monifa!
~ Kimberly W.
Detroit, MI
Executive Director