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New Personalized Coaching Program

Benefits Include:

  1. Receive personalized attention (1-on-1) thru bi-weekly virtual sessions
  2. Create a customized strategic plan designed to improve your leadership skills
  3. Define/Refine your vision
  4. Experience more peace and stability
  5. Identify obstacles keeping you from reaching your goals and design a plan of action to see results.

We specialize in helping women in leadership positions improve professionally while learning how to maintain balance in their everyday lives.

How I Can Help You!


It doesn’t matter if you are a Corporate Woman, Spiritual Leader, Entrepreneur or Community Advocate; The challenges encountered by women in leadership positions often leave them feeling mentally, emotionally and spiritually fragmented.

I coach women, helping them optimize their effectiveness by tackling areas related to how their MINDSET is keeping them from pursuing their passions, reaching their goals, and making money.
I see this as one of the core areas that prevent them from breaking barriers and reaching their personal and professional potential.

I would love to provide insight to help you on your journey if you have questions about:

  • Leadership
  • Moving past fear
  • How to integrate your Christian values within your business in a secular world

My purpose is to educate, inspire, encourage and extend guidance to empower YOU to move beyond those challenges and live a healthier, happier and more abundant life. I offer solutions designed to encourage you to become more conscious of who you are and the way you live your life. I am determined to help gain and maintain a sense of balance while you soar like the Eagle you are!

WITHIN YOUR REACH is designed to help you live your life “ON PURPOSE”! I provide “Information & Inspiration” strategically designed to propel you toward greatness.

It may sound cliche but it’s true….Change your MIND ~ Change your life!


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